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107 living han-ok

Living Han-Ok in Daegu This project has the main focus on the vitalization of the Han-Ok, which are still existing in the center of the cities, for example in the traditional center of Daegu. The idea is, to develope the existing Han-Ok in the city-center to a convenient living-house for the next generation, by improving the climatic performance in a tectonic, and technological way. That means, preserving the character of the house, but adding new elements, which support the small building in a sensitive way. It´a more creative way and usable way of conversation, than the historical Han-Ok villages are able to offer. With the developing of the neglected Han-Ok the city center will become a more interesting place for living and housing again. Continue reading


106 the hanok metabolism



the hanok metabolism
collect > store > enjoy integrated low-tech high-performance in adaptable & adjustable sustainable urban space
도심 대구 한옥 2.0 [중구, 북내동]
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