074 landmark wales

two monuments for wales:
the first on the outskrits of the coal-mining-town: merthyr tydfil. now dismantled and left alone, nothing much left to remind you of its past. the latter right on the border to its beloved neighbour england, something between a national animal and a fence

merthyr junction, merthyr tydfil
was there a mining past to merthyr? tell me about it. remind me where i am coming from. tell me story. tell me tale. how black was my valley?

the roundabout is around what merthyr was about. mining. a sloped exvacation ±10 meters deep. matte black minerals. absorbing light and curiosity. reflecting heritage and memory

monmouth, border to england
…you see that?
do i see what, darling?
them strange red pins comin’ down that hill there…
i see ‘em, darling, i see ‘em…
ya what are these …think we have to stop?

no, darling, certailnly not.
maybe we’re getting into wales soon…
…see, i’ve told you: wales, and no need t…
…wales, wales, i am not asking you about wales! what is that thing?
to me… i don’t know… maybe some kind of a fence…
… a fence? a fence for what?
well, having said th..
… a fence. how ridicoulous is that,…

later that drive
…you see that?
do i see what, darling?
…you blind? that enormous red thing comin’ out of the woods there, that reptile, that dra…

23 to 37 red painted timber pins, drilled concrete foundation, light machinery only one m50/a40 traverse, glassfiber, prefabricated, concrete foundation

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