071 brick – the exhibition

BRICK – the exhibition

On 24 May 2007, the exhibition ‘Brick’ will open at the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam during the manifestation Rotterdam 2007, City of Architecture. The exhibition will highlight the results of the Brick project that was carried out over a three-year period at the European Ceramic Workcentre. The architecture project Brick was aimed at product innovation. The .ekwc wanted to stimulate the technical and artistic development of the manufacture and application of brick as a construction material. Architects, designers and artists from both the Netherlands and abroad have been working on the development of a new type of brick since 2005. The .ekwc expects to be able to use this to provide a new stimulus to the application of brick and subsequently the ‘brick appearance’ of the Netherlands. The underlying goal is that the centre wishes to demonstrate that input from various disciplines (architecture, art and design) can provide an additional impetus to the desired development.

Schabert initially alluded to a number of new functions for brick architecture, like a through moss growth cooled wall or the possibility of tubeless transport of heat. Eventually he applied himself to the development of a simple climate technological product; a brick that is capable of absorbing solar energy from the outside and consequently rendering it to the inner wall. Hereby the interior heating, which remains necessary, functions as a secondary ‘heating’ and a considerable saving of energy is gained. On the exact functioning Schabert does not wish to elaborate for the time being. A patent procedure is ongoing. Besides, the prototypes still have to be tested. Schabert is however hopeful and positive about the application of his product. [from the exhibition catalogue: brick-the book, 2007]

Brick: the exhibition
25 May – 1 July 2007
Opening 24 May 2007
Groot Handelsgebouw (Conradstraat 40-48)
Rotterdam – The Netherlands

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