086 lagermöbelsystem 16mm

we were approached by a client in late 2008. we are asked to develop a shelf-system which can store and display small to big objects [cd’s, books, lp’s, …]. we extended this task from the living room only to kitchen and bedroom, and added a kitchenette as well as a wardrobe to the storage-furniture-system.
first desig:  partly made by honeycomb-cardboard-sandwich-panels and folded sheet-metal. basic idea of the use of loadbearing 16mm fatback is used in  finished »stand-alone« product series.

variations of the »built-in« division of the 16mm series: clothing cabinet either (shamefully) boxed into a drywall-closed alcove, or left open, behind a »censored« bar.

the first prototypes were produced in late 2009 in a small variety of types:  shelves & cupboards.
the shelves [as well as the cupboards] were only 16mm thick.

[all photos: monika ribbe, münchen]

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