095 insupoo

you want to live in a natural environment.
you want to minimize your carbon footprint.
you want to make the world a better place.
you want to »love all children of all species for all time«.
you want insupoo!

thermo-insulative internal wall coating · post-consumer grass · 100% sustainable

insupoo is based by 98% on regionally sourced post-consumer grass: sheep-manure: a single sheep produces about 1.5 l manure a day which is manually collected off pastures, then matured, blended and inoculated to be delivered on site.

insupoo is highly thermal insulative.
insupoo is humidity balancing.
insupoo is selfcuring.
insupoo could be applied manually or machined.
insupoo has close to zero energy embodied.
insupoo is obesity depreciating.
insupoo could be deployed to pastures after need.

insupoo could be applied to a large variety of massive external wall constructions, [a] be it exposed masonry, rendered blockwork, prefabricated concrete… there are nearly no limits. to ensure a longlasting compound as well as an uninterrupted transportway for air moisture especially on slick backgrounds, a straw-mat [b], could be fixed to the wall. without no need for no studs, subconstructions or primers, insupoo is now sprayed or thrown on the wallface [c]. the baselayer is not only larger grained then the top coat, but also inhabits an average of 200 to 220 hard working oligochaetii per squaremeter insupoo: for ±7 days, these little helpers make their way throughout the insupoo. Bequeathing you an miraculous mace of neverending cavities. and fantastic insulative performance.

the top coat [d] is elastified with an emulsion of carnaubawax, making it easy to level out whilst controlling humidity migration. you can then add whatever finish you want: mineral paint, wallpaper, oil or even an additional layer of chromatized wax to save you the tiling.

for more information, get yourself the brochure [pdf]

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