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132 central square plovdiv

The competition site is Central Square – the largest open public space in the city of Plovdiv.
Plovdiv is the second-largest city in Bulgaria. It is situated 146 km southeast of the capital city of Sofia. It blends the relaxed atmosphere of a provincial town with the busy daily grind of a contemporary major center. Plovdiv is an old city of thousands of years of history. Its significant cultural-historical heritage encompasses the Antiquity, the Ottoman period and the Bulgarian Revival, the after-Liberation period of the Third Bulgarian State, the Socialist period. Ample and valuable material evidence has been preserved from each of these periods. The landmarks however are far from coexisting in an organic body, even more so given the current rhythm of city life.
What Plovdiv needs is a contemporary public space which should neither turn its back on history, nor lose its touch with the present. The international architectural design competition for Central Square in Plovdiv has been announced in an effort to find a solution to the problem in open architectural competition. Continue reading