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138 flüchtlingsunterkunft @ AIT award 2018

a total of 723 projects from 36 countries had been submitted for the ait-award 2018.
the finalists are from austria, belgium, bosnia and herzegovina, china, czech republic, denmark, france, germany, hungary, india, italy, luxemburg, malaysia, poland, portugal, slovakia, spain, sweden, switzerland, the netherlands and the united kingdom. the rankings will be announced on 21st march 2018 at 16:30 hrs by the jurors and the ait in the context of a festive award ceremony in the presence of the nominated architectural offices and interior designers during the light + building in frankfurt.
we are enchanted to announce the sofortunterkunft für flüchtlinge we build for the city of münchen to be amongst the 71 finalists.
stay tuned…
photo © ait


ausstellung: generation reißbrett: münchen



Generation Reißbrett: Die Ü40-Architekten – was sie werden wollten und was Sie wurden
die namhaftesten deutschen, österreichischen und schweizer architekten deren studium schon jahrzehnte zurück liegt präsentieren ihre diplommodelle… (ait)
und da sind wir dann freilich auch vertreten. Continue reading