071 brick @ dutch design week

ceramics & architecture · klokgebouw, eindhoven/NL · 17.–25.10 2009

The exhibition ’Ceramics & Architecture’ shows how exciting ceramics in architecture can be. The international exhibition is the conclusion of a five-year project of the Europees Keramisch Werkcentrum (.ekwc/European Ceramic Work Centre). A knowledge and international work place in the field of ceramics, .ekwc offers artists and designers an inspiring environment. With the exhibition, .ekwc aims to connect design, architecture, and visual art and raise these disciplines to a higher international level. In work periods of three months, architects, artists and designers from home and abroad have been able to experiment with all kinds of ceramics. This has led to surprising and interesting projects and collaborations ranging from artists who delivered an architectural project to architects who engaged in visual arts. A must for any lover of architecture, art, and design! [excptd from the catalogue]

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