061 tsunami memorial bygdøy

the untameable nature, its uncalculable, unpredictable, interventions: unpredictable it floats in the flood, uncalculable it submarines during ebbs, it comes and goes, making a void into the ocean, softening, taming the surface:

a inflating/flooding rubber-pneu, elasticly anchored to the ground, controlled by nature, by tidals, by waves, by sun, by temperature, by wind, by sound; ±5 m diameter, ±20 m offshore

tsunami disaster dec 26th 2004 memorial site bygdøy peninsula, oslo, norway

[Open, International Competition for Project Ideas; Memorial site in Norway for the victims of the tsunami disaster Dec 26th 2004; The National Foundation for Art in Public Buildings, Norway, (Utsmykkingsfondet for offentlige bygg) hereby invites artists working within the fields of visual art, arts and craft, architecture, landscaping and other visual expressions designers, to participate in an open, international competition for project ideas. In the wake of the tsunami disaster in South East Asia on 26th December 2004, the Norwegian Government has put The National Foundation for Art in Public Buildings in charge of a memorial site in Norway to honour the victims. The Foundation has appointed a Committee, whose task is to plan the project and put it into effect. The Memorial Site is to be open and inclusive to all people – independent of nationality or religion. The purpose of the site is to be a space for mourning and contemplation for those who have experienced dramatic events in their lives. The memorial site is to be an art/architectural project. It will be located somewhere on the Western shoreline of the Bygdøy peninsular in Oslo, Norway, and it is to be visible from both land and sea. This area, with its beach and its varied topography, is used all year round for outdoor activities. There will be no nameplate at the memorial site. source: Utsmykkingsfondet for offentlige bygg, Oslo, Norway]

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