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open atelier 2014

vom 27. bis 29. juni 2014 ist unser atelier in der baumstrasse wieder mal den geneigten besucher/inne/n geöffnet.

freitag, 27.06.2014
18 uhr begrüßung:
dr. constanze söllner-schaar, stadträtin der lh münchen, i.v. ob
21 uhr live: tuna trio & plattenlegen mit alois + gottfried

offene ateliers:
fr. 27.06.2014, 18 – 22 uhr
sa. 28.06.2014, 12 – 20 uhr
so. 29.06.2014, 14 – 20 uhr

das MAGiAZINg im schnitt im massstab 1:1



116 cloud 8b

the truth is: it’s pretty cosy and warm inside them clouds. once inside, you will not miss anything from the outside world. they make you feel at home, they focus your thoughts. the comfort they provide is not only thermal, clouds break and soften the light in a smooth and wondeful way, they slightly pitch the accoustics, …

in contrast to what you might think: cloud-construction is far away from being rocket science. no need to be some god to build one of them. or more…

clouds are usually made from one 50m-roll of [post-consumer] sticky tape and 35m² of [fully recyclable] ldpe bubble wrap. they are soft, flexible. they glow in the dark and shine in the day…

everybody should have his/her own cloud!
even tough the unemployment rate in the external thermal insulation composite system [wdvs] industry will skyrocket – right through one of our comfy clouds!